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Follow up F1 Induction Survey 2022

Dear Foundation Y1 Trainee

Many thanks to those of you who participated in part one of the induction survey.

This second survey is designed to provide further information which will be used to develop our induction programme for trainees in the future. We plan to use this information as much as possible. Your contribution could potentially make a significant difference to future trainees.

Please complete Part 2 whether you completed part 1 or not. There is an opportunity to provide more in-depth feedback as outlined in the final question.

To access the survey please log onto  

If possible, please complete the survey in one sitting since you will not be able to access it later. It should only take you approximately 10 minutes to complete. The questionnaire is anonymous, and your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.

Yours faithfully

Clare Dr JCM van Hamel Foundation School Director


T: 01454252656

Health Education England, working across the south west

GUIDANCE: Less Than Full Time (LTFT) Training for London and KSS

Please click the link below for guidance regarding Less Than Full Time (LTFT) training.

LTFT Guidance         

Reminders & Guidance

***IMPORTANT: F2 Responsible Officer Details***

F2’s are responsible to ensure they are connected to the correct Responsible Officer, this is usually your Post Graduate Dean, for more information or guidance please see: or contact is via PSP.

REMINDER: What are the 2022-23 TAB (Team Assessment of Behaviour) window dates for London and KSS Foundation Schools?

The recommended dates for TAB are detailed below but these dates are not mandatory. More information on the TAB process can be found on the Horus Website.

Placement 1

Opens: Friday 7th October 2022

Closes: Monday 5th December 2022


Placement 2

Opens: Friday 17th February 2023

Closes: Friday 31st March 2023


Placement 3

Opens: Thursday 20th April 2023

Closes: Monday 15th May 2023

REMINDER: Contacting the London and KSS Foundation Schools

There has recently been an increase in emails/messages being sent to personal inboxes. Please be reminded that contact with the Foundation Team in HET should be through the PGMDE Support Portal rather than to individuals email addresses or shared mailboxes. This will ensure that your query can be directed to the correct person within the team and dealt with as quickly as possible. Please click here to be directed to the PGMDE Support Portal.

Please do not use,, or personal HEE email addresses.

REMINDER: Foundation ALS Update

We can confirm that Trusts can continue to claim the costs of ALS courses for their Foundation doctors from the study leave budget for the 2022/23 financial year.

Please note that from 1st January 2022, ALS courses will only be reimbursed up to a maximum of £275 per foundation doctor.

As in the previous financial year we will not be providing bulk payments for these courses. Instead, we request that you claim for these courses once they are delivered via the locally-delivered tab on your study leave monthly return. Please note the usual rules for locally-delivered claims will apply – only doctors in a HEE-registered Foundation training programme can be reimbursed.

REMINDER: 2022/23 PSA FS dates

For all foundation doctors who will have not sat and passed the exam at Medical School or on the 6th September, they will sit the exam in person, with in person invigilation, on the following dates:

Monday 13th March 2023

Monday 24th April 2023

Please note the remaining dates for all PSA sittings (all held at 1pm):

REMINDER: LTFT Category 3 Pilot expansion from Summer 2022  

Following the completion of the ‘lead in’ year, we will now transition into the full Category 3 model whereby trainees can undertake an unspecified period of time as LTFT Category

Further information on LTFT Category 3 can be found here 

  • Approval of applications must be subject to service considerations via TPD approval.  
  • Trainees must be in post at the time of application. 

From August 2022, postgraduate doctors can choose to apply to train less than full time at 50/60/70 or 80% for 12-months.  Individuals would then revert back to 100% whole time equivalent (i.e. full time) or could apply again if they wished to continue to train less than full time. Please be aware that any application to train less than full time will result in a change to your expected completion date of your foundation training programme and a reduction in pay pro rata.

LTFT Category 3 applications will be managed via application windows.  Details of the application windows are below: 

 LTFT Application Window  

For rotations commencing:  

25th July -15th August 22 


31st October- 21st November 22 


*Please note that applications can only be accepted for the start of each of your specialty rotations so if you miss a window, please apply in line with your next specialty rotation date as per above.

To submit an LTFT Category 3 application, complete the application form available here. 

If you require information about the visa implications of LTFT training, please check our ‘LTFT for trainees with a Tier 2 visa/Skilled Worker Sponsorship’ page.  

For any other questions, please contact your specialty team via the LPMDE support portal

GUIDANCE: Foundation doctors in GP and psychiatry placements contributing to acute services

Please see below link for guidance regarding Foundation doctors in community placements contributing to acute services Foundation doctors in GP and psychiatry placements contributing to acute services

GUIDANCE: Foundation Doctor Role and Responsibilities

Please use the following link to the updated ‘Foundation Doctor Role and Responsibilities within the Local Education Provider and Minimum Requirements for Clinical Supervision of Foundation Doctors’, document.

Foundation Doctor Role and Responsibilities

GUIDANCE: Foundation guidance produced by the UKFPO for Foundation Doctors

Please find below link to guidance for Foundation Doctors recently produced by the UKFPO.

Click here for guidance

*Please note: This guidance does not apply to any foundation doctor who started either their F1 or F2 year on/after 4 August 2021, as they will be on the 2021 Foundation Programme curriculum. *

GUIDANCE: NHS employers’ guidance on induction for international medical graduates

Please find below link to guidance from NHS employers

UKFPO Bulletin

To read the latest UKFPO Bulletin access the link below:

Courses, Events, Research and Competitions

Managing and Support Trainees in Difficult Situations: workshop for multiprofessional educators

The London and KSS Professional Support Unit will be running a workshop on Zoom for multiprofessional educators supporting trainees in difficult saturations. This will take place on Thursday 17th November 9.30am-12.30pm

This is a case discussion workshop where supervisors can discuss current/unresolved issues in small groups using a reflecting team approach.

Flyer is attached with further information and the booking link.

Managing and Support Trainees in Difficult Situations : workshop for multiprofessional educators workshop          

British Society of Gastroenterology - annual Taster Course: 26th November 2022

The British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) Trainee Committee are delighted to be running our annual Taster Course as a face-to-face event this year. It will be held on the weekend of 26th November 2022, and it will take place in Sheffield.

We would be very grateful if you could circulate this event to trainees within your region, who may be interested in pursuing a career in Gastroenterology and Hepatology

The link for registration is: BSG Trainees Taster Course - The British Society of Gastroenterology

For any questions of queries please contact

The Royal Society of Medicine Specialty careers fair 2022: 10th December 2022

The fair will include drop-in lecture streams, 1:1 sessions with training programme directors and over 50 different stands. This informal setting is the perfect place to ask about the application process, suitability, work-life balance and CV building.

Book now at    

RCoA Core/ACCS Anaesthetics Training Interview Course: 10th January 2023

Dear Doctor,

Applying for Core/ACCS Anaesthetics Training? Feel like you need more preparation for the interview and want to know how to boost your application, even if you think it's too late?

We would like to invite you to the 'Core/ACCS Anaesthetics Training Interview Course', endorsed by the RCoA.

This popular evening course is run by top-ranked trainees and is just the preparation and immediate feedback that you need, but in a low-pressure environment. It includes a real-time mock-interview cycle, specific do's and don'ts for the recruitment process and how to gain last-minute points, MSRA teaching plus an invaluable talk from consultant anaesthetists experienced at interviewing on the panel.

The course fee is £80 (£100 after 10th December 2022) and will be held on the evening (6pm start) of Tuesday 10th January 2023 via virtual format.

To book or for more information, please view the course (, or email


Amour Patel
ST6 Anaesthetics
The Royal London Hospital

NEW DATES! V-Space groups for SuppoRTT Trainees 

We are pleased to announce new dates for the V-Space Coaching and Support Programme. V-Space is a virtual group space dedicated to support trainees who are planning to return to training or have recently returned to training after taking time out for a range of reasons, including maternity/parental leave, academic study, career break or medical leave.

“It was a great opportunity to express my current stresses within a group and find doctor-focused responses from the course leaders and members alike.”

The V-Space Coaching and Support Programme is a series of four group coaching and peer support sessions. The small groups meet online for 2.5 hours every fortnight and are led by a senior group coach from the Professional Support Unit’s Coaching Service. V-Space offers a supportive, confidential and structured learning environment for peer discussion. Each session draws on a range of practical coaching tools for self-reflection, goal-setting, enhanced confidence, stress management and leadership communication. 

V-Space features:

Semi-structured facilitated group coaching sessions

Guest speaker slots ‘in conversation with’ trainees who share their experience of returning to training

Peer support in small breakout room discussions plus WhatsApp group for connecting with peers in between sessions

Coaching tools & resources to support you as you move back into training.

Spaces are limited to 14 participants per group so please book early to avoid disappointment.

You can book by using the links below:

Group 6 - Starts 26th October 2022 -

Group 7 - Starts 4th January 2023 -

Group 8 - Starts 18th January 2023 -

Group 9 - Starts 23rd January 2023 -

Group 10 - Starts 9th February 2023 -

Group 11 - Starts 10th February 2023 -

GUM Taster day: Recording available

The Health Education GUM team recently held a GUM Taster day which was attended by 185 trainees. If you were unable to attend the team invite you to write in as to grant you access to the recording for day which was held virtually.

This recording can be accessed by contacting the GUM team by emailing and ask for access to the recording which has been broken down into four parts and can be downloaded to watch in your own time.

Access the point of care tool BMJ Best Practice for free

BMJ Best Practice takes you quickly and accurately to the latest evidence-based information, whenever and wherever you need it.

Our step-by-step guidance on diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention is updated daily using robust evidence-based methodologies. 

This tool is freely available to all healthcare professionals who work for the NHS in England. You can register for free here

If your institution would like to receive further information on BMJ Best Practice, please contact Dr. Kieran Walsh, Clinical Director at BMJ. Dr. Walsh can deliver talks for Foundation Programme doctors at their training sessions or provide information on areas such as the local HEE/BMJ clinical champion scheme. Contact Dr. Kieran Walsh at  

New video resource for foundation doctors

A new video for all foundation, foundation schools and trusts, helping them to understand more about the Foundation Programme Charter, has been shared.

Please click here to launch the Foundation Programme Charter video.

Further videos including Foundation Programme Review and Self Development time can also be found here

Foundation Careers Unit

**NEW DATES!​​** Open MIC (Mock Interview Clinics) - Virtual session for consultant interview practice

Thursday 19th January 2023 (14:00 - 16:30)

Due to demand, the HEE Careers London & KSS team will be running further mock interview clinics in November and January for London & KSS trainees across all medical specialties who are within 18 months of CCT. Each Open MIC session will enable participants to practise in small groups and give and get feedback from peers and facilitators on answering different types of questions they can expect at consultant interviews. To find out more and register please click here:

Open MIC - Consultant Interview Practice January 2023 | London ('

Careers Conversation

All foundation trainees have the opportunity to have an individual careers conversation with one of our career coaches which can be arranged by completing the application form at the following link:

FY2 - Preparing for Speciality interviews/F3 Options Stream Videos

Please see below links to the recent webinar recordings delivered to F2 trainees on preparing for speciality applications/interview & F3 options.

FY2 Webinar - Preparing for Specialty applications and Interviews-20220914_180522-Meeting Recording.mp4

F3 Options Webinar-20221006_180437-Meeting Recording.mp4

Self Awareness | London (

Career Exploration | London (

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