The Horus ePortfolio is designed to help foundation doctors to evidence the competencies they have achieved. With the assistance of their educational supervisor, it will help them to plan their development and allow them to demonstrate the attainment of the attitudes, skills and knowledge that they need to complete the Foundation Programme.


If you are experiencing issues using the Horus ePortfolio, please first visit the Horus support site. This has lots of frequently asked questions, which you can browse as well as search.

If you are not able to resolve your issue using the information on the support site, email the Horus Helpdesk at servicedesk.horus@hee.nhs.uk. Please give as much detail as you can, including which browser you are using and the steps you took before receiving any error message. 

Any general enquiries regarding the system, including local processes, can be directed to the  London Foundation School team: https://lasepgmdesupport.hee.nhs.uk/support/home