Courses, Conferences and Events

Please find below details of courses which may be of interest to Foundation doctors and which the Foundation schools have been made aware of. Please note that the information below is received from a variety of sources. HEE does not endorse any specific providers or have knowledge of the content of individual courses. Foundation doctors are advised to discuss attendance at courses with their Educational Supervisor / Foundation Training Programme Director before registering.

Date Type Title Contact Attachment(s)
On Going Other FY1 Buddy Network Download
10 January 2020 Conference National Foundation Doctors Presentation Day 2020  

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20 - 31 January 2020 Other SJT Trial - F1 doctors and Clinicians help needed  

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28 January 2020 Conference Clinical Conference for Foundation Doctors

13 February 2020 Conference Joint Schools Conference Event Page
24 February 2020 Course The Elephant in the Room Advance Care Planning Simulation

24 March 2020 Conference London School of Paediatrics Conference Download
7 May 2020 Conference 2020 UKFPO Academic Foundation Programme Conference