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Wednesday 15th May 2024

Message from the Associate Dean

Hello all,

A busy time of year, we currently have three-year groups: those preparing to start in August and those currently in F1 and F2 years.

Wednesday 3rd April 2024

Message from the Associate Dean


Welcome to those that have just been allocated to the London Foundation School. It’s an exciting time. Hope all is going well with programme preferencing for those that are undergoing that process.

This bulletin is to help share updates from the London Foundation School. There is information about applying to work less than full time, study leave and how to contact the doctor representatives. Please do take some time to read it. 

Wednesday 20th March 2024

Message from the Associate Dean


It’s been a busy couple of weeks. The sun is starting to shine though and it feels like Spring is finally on its way.

Preference Informed Allocation (PIA) went live on 7th March and 1080 individuals have been recruited to standard Foundation Programme in London, starting August 2024. This is more than we were initially expecting so we are working closely with trusts on some new exciting programmes. Very grateful to everyone who has been involved with this.

Wednesday 7th February 2024

New Updates

2024 Swap Shop – Registration open

The Foundation Swap Shop registration is now open. To enter swap shop you must register at the following link by 12th February 2024:

Wednesday 24th January 2024

Message from the Associate Dean


Happy New Year.

Last week I attended the National Foundation Doctors Presentation Day (NFDPD) 2024 in Bristol. I was delighted to see so many posters and presentations from London Foundation doctors. Well done to all those that had work accepted. The standard was exceptionally high and I learnt a lot. The future is looking very promising.