GMC Registration

Full GMC Registration

You need to apply for full registration with a licence to practise so you can progress to F2 training.

If you're not due to complete your training in August and need more time, it's important you speak to the foundation school

You should submit your application as early as possible to make sure you have the correct registration in time to start your F2 training. This is a very busy period for the GMC and it's important that you get your application to them as soon as you can.

There is guidance on the GMC website to help make your online application for full registration. You should read this guidance carefully and make sure you understand what you need to do. There are also FAQs you might find helpful.

The law does not allow you to undertake any post outside F1 with provisional registration. This includes all service posts at F1 level, including substantive and locum posts. You must have full registration with a licence to practise to work at F2 or outside F1.

Processing your application

Once the GMC approve your application, they need a certificate of experience from your foundation school to confirm you have completed the requirements of F1.

The foundation school will automatically send them your certificate of experience, usually towards the end of July. They will do this at least seven days before you complete F1. You shouldn't need to get in touch with us before then, unless the GMC ask you for information relating to your application.

When the GMC receive your certificate, they will grant you full registration with a licence to practise. They will send you an email to let you know when they have done this. They will also write to you with proof of entry onto the register.

If there is any reason why the GMC can't complete your application (for example a fitness to practise issue) they will contact you within five days of receiving the application.

Check your registration status before working

Before you start F2, you must make sure you have the correct registration status. You can do this by checking the online List of Registered Medical Practitioners.

If you're not working (extended sick leave/parental leave/TOFP etc)

Remember, you can hold provisional registration for a maximum of three years and 30 days. If you are not working or want to take a break from training, you should give up your provisional registration.

The GMC publishes advice to doctors on the standards they expect and explanatory guidance that gives details about how the principles of Good Medical Practice apply. They offer a range of learning materials to help show you how their guidance might apply in practice.

You can find all our guidance and learning materials, including interactive scenarios and case studies for doctors, on the GMC guidance web pages.

Please note that paying the application fee does not mean that your application for full registration has been granted. Once your application has been granted the GMC will send you a confirmation email and a registration certificate. For the majority of applicants, this will happen in the last two weeks of July.

You must not undertake any post or clinical duties that require full registration with a license to practice until your application has been processed and granted. You can check your status on the Register and the date from which it is effective online by accessing your GMC Online account or on the List of Registered Medical Practitioners. Changes to your status on the Register will only be visible from the date your full registration with a license to practice commences.

Please contact the GMC if you have any questions.

Who is my Responsible Officer? 

The responsible officers covering the London:

  • North London - Dr Gary Wares (north London trusts)
  • South London - Prof Geeta Menon (south London trusts)