London and KSS Foundation Schools

Welcome to the London and KSS Foundation Schools website; a collaboration between the North London Foundation School and the South Thames Foundation School.

The Schools are managed by a central administrative team based in HEE offices in London but have three distinct indenities which can be explored by clicking on the relevant images below, along with information relevant across all schools which can be found in the joint school and programme information section.

London & KSS Foundation Schools Reconfiguration

Important changes are being made to how the foundation schools for London and KSS are structured. There will also be significant expansion of foundation posts from 2023 to meet the training needs for the graduates from the increased medical school places in both London and KSS.

London will be moving to a Pan London Foundation School to be in place for August 2023. As the first step the current two schools of North Central and East London and North West London are being merged for the August 2022 intake. This will not affect trainees already in programme but will allow greater flexibility and help with expansion planning.

The South Thames Foundation School (STFS) will be uncoupling. The KSS Foundation School will be managed by a new team within the South East region. Please do visit the new KSS Foundation website KSS Foundation School. This will allow medical graduates from the Kent & Medway Medical School,  those from Brighton & Sussex Medical School, and other trainees who choose to train in KSS to remain within KSS for the duration of their foundation training.

The current South Thames programmes are being reconfigured to ensure that F1 trainees starting in either KSS or South London in August 2022 can apply to two-year programmes in either location when choosing their preferred rotations, rather than programmes composed of a year in each area.

Doctors wishing to apply to train in South London will be able to preference programmes:

  • South London West
  • South London East

Doctors wishing to apply to train in KSS will be able to preference programmes:

  • KSS West
  • KSS Central
  • KSS East

Trainees recruited to STFS-managed foundation programmes commencing in August 2021, and who would be entering FY2 training in August 2022, will continue to complete their allocated foundation training programme within STFS.

There may be a small number of trainees in cross-border programmes beyond 2023, where there have been changes to an individual’s training programme due to unforeseen circumstance, such as OOP, Outcome 3, Statutory leave or working less than full time. These trainees will be managed on an individual basis.

September 2021

North London Foundation School (North West London region)

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North London Foundation School (North Central and East London region)

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South Thames Foundation School (South London & KSS region)

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