Wednesday 3rd November 2021

New Updates

Applications for GP specialty training

On behalf of the GP Specialty Recruitment Campaign Team:

Applications for 2022 GP specialty training open on the 4 November – 1 December 2021.

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Wednesday 6th October 2021

New Updates

Email addresses for F1’s

Please could we ask trusts and FY1’s to help us by providing us with their current email addresses. As we will only have medical school email addresses for the majority of F1’s it is vital that we have an up to date email address to ensure that all important comms are delivered to them using an accessible email address.

F1’s can provide their current email address using PSP

Wednesday 8th September 2021

New Updates

Horus - Reminder

Please can all foundation trainees ensure that they have activated their Horus account using the link sent to them to the email address used on Oriel.

This has now been issued multiple times and a number of trainees have not done this and failure to do so could be seen as non-engagement as the system requires you to accept your conditions of taking up a training appointment.

How to facilitate the scenario-based sessions for medical students and foundation stage trainees

Wednesday 25th August 2021

New Updates

Foundation guidance produced by the UKFPO for Foundation Trainees

Please find below link to guidance for Foundation Trainees recently produced by the UKFPO.

Click here for guidance

Updated ARCP Requirement Guidance