Wednesday 25th January 2022

New Updates

2023 Swap Shop

The 2023 Swap Shop will be commencing 6th February 2023. Further comms will be sent to all F1 Doctors shortly.

In the meantime, please visit the Swap Shop page on our website for more information.

Reminders & Guidance

REMINDER: London and KSS Foundation Programme Fair Friday 17th March 2023

Wednesday 11th January 2023

New Updates

SAVE THE DATE: London and KSS Foundation Programme Fair Friday 17th March 2023

We would like to announce that the Programme Fair for 2023 will be held on Friday 17th March 2023 and will be Face to Face with venue to be confirmed shortly.

We have emailed all trusts to ask them to confirm attendance and let us know who the primary contact at the Programme Fair will be, for each trust.

Wednesday 14th December 2022

New Updates


With the recent placement changeover please can we use this opportunity to remind trusts’ Medical Education colleagues to work with their Medical Staffing teams to regularly check foundation doctors’ posts on TiS, against internal records. Early recognition of any discrepancies can help us all to resolve issues quickly. Thanks.

NHS Induction Programme for International Medical Graduates - e-learning for health

Wednesday 16th November 2022

New Updates

Follow up F1 Induction Survey 2022

Dear Foundation Y1 Trainee

Many thanks to those of you who participated in part one of the induction survey.

This second survey is designed to provide further information which will be used to develop our induction programme for trainees in the future. We plan to use this information as much as possible. Your contribution could potentially make a significant difference to future trainees.