Wednesday 5th April 2023

New Updates

Position statement re trainee on-call shifts immediately prior to rotating hospital trusts.

Pan London Foundation School would not expect a Foundation doctor (FD) in training to be on-call the evening or night before rotation to a new hospital trust the following day.  FDs should be able to attend induction at a new hospital trust on their first day.  If the published rota of the current hospital unintentionally allocates an evening or night shift to a rotating FD, then all reasonable steps should be taken to re-allocate the shift to a doctor staying within the trust. 

The process should be led by the trainee, supported by supervisors, the DME and the FTPD.

Should the rare situation arise where there is no alternative option, the DME’s/FTPD’s from each trust should discuss how induction can be facilitated for the affected FD within an appropriately safe timeframe and the Foundation school should be informed.  

Dr Alice Carter

Associate Dean (Foundation)

Change in Exceptional Circumstances

If you are due to start FY1 in August 2023, or are a current trainee due to start FY2 in August 2023, and you have experienced an exceptional change in circumstances since you applied to the foundation training programme which affects your ability to complete training in your current location, please let us know via completion of the following form:

London Foundation Doctors ONLY:

For London foundation doctors please complete this form:        

Please also ensure that you submit your additional supporting information via our applicant support portal here:

KSS Foundation Doctors ONLY:

For KSS foundation doctors please complete this form:       

Please also ensure that you submit your additional supporting information to:    

We are only able to consider an exceptional change in circumstances that can be evidenced and will not consider any requests for programme swaps between doctors who have had no change to their personal circumstances.

The criteria are those in the guidance for IFSTs 2023 on the UKFPO website:

1. Parental responsibilities
2. Primary carer responsibilities
3. Medical condition or disability for which ongoing follow-up for the condition in the specified location is an absolute requirement
4. Unique circumstances (these must be unique, not other circumstances which do not meet the requirements for the other criteria)

The forms are open from Wednesday 5th April 2023 at 12pm and will close at 5pm on 15th April 2023 with all submissions being reviewed by the foundation school directors shortly after.

There are very limited numbers of alternative programmes available so it is highly unlikely we will be able to place successful applicants in their preferred alternative location, but we will do all we can to take your circumstances into account.

2023 UKFPO Fellowship recruitment - applications open on Monday 17th April 2023

The UKFPO are pleased to announce the recruitment for the 2023-2024 Fellows.

Please note that applications open on Monday 17th April 2023, 12:00 and close on Sunday 23rd April 2023, 23:59. The link to the application form will be made available on the UKFPO website, and advertised on our Facebook account.

Applications will be capped at 100, meaning that if we receive 100 applications whilst the application window is open, no new applications will be accepted.

In the meantime, please visit our website to review the recruitment process and job description.

Please forward onto your F1 Foundation Doctors for consideration.  

Best wishes,

UKFPO Team  

MRCS Part A – exam teaching sessions

We are part of the LFTSS (London Foundation Trainee Surgical Society) and we are hoping to arrange a series of teaching sessions for the upcoming MRCS part A exam. 

We are hoping to recruit volunteers to present a section of teaching on one of the surgical domains of their choice. We would like the focus to be on clinical presentation, surgical management, and post op management/complications. We understand that there will likely not be enough time to cover all the relevant anatomy/physiology, in this case we would be very grateful if you could sign post the important anatomy/physiology to cover if there is insufficient time to cover this. 

We aim for each talk to be an hour long maximum with 10 minutes for questions at the end. 

We are incredibly grateful for your time and support and speakers will receive a certificate for support with regional surgical teaching.

Please see below the attached Google docs form, on which you can provide information regarding specific areas you would be able to deliver teaching on and available dates.

Kind regards, 

LFTSS Committee

Reminders & Guidance

REMINDER: Remaining 2022/23 PSA sittings

For all foundation doctors who will have not sat and passed the exam at Medical School or on the 6th September, they will sit the exam in person, with in person invigilation, on Monday 24th April 2023 at 1pm.

The MSC PSA team have also confirmed that the medical school sitting on Friday 2 June (1pm) can be used as the third (and final) opportunity to sit the PSA exam for current F1 doctors.  ARCP considerations can be made nearer the time for those who need this sitting.

If you have any queries regarding the PSA exam or need to confirm you are unable to attend the 24th April 2023 sitting please contact us via the PGMDE Portal:


Key dates:

  • 6th February 2023 - Whole programme swap registration opens and local swap application window opens.
  • 13th February 2023 - Whole programme swap registration closes.
  • 15th February 2023 - Swap registrant details shared with other applicants via secure data sharing method and window opens.
  • 16th March 2023 - Swap window closes – ALL swap applications (both local and whole programme) must be received by 5pm on this date.
  • 20th March 2023 - Applications to FSDs
  • 24th March 2023 - FSDs to inform HET of swap decisions.
  • 4th April 2023 - Applicants notified of outcome.
  • May 2023 - Trusts notified of change via TROG (May vary from Early Snapshot).

Please visit the Swap Shop page on our website for more information.

REMINDER: F2 Responsible Officer Detail

F2’s are responsible to ensure they are connected to the correct Responsible Officer, this is usually your Post Graduate Dean, for more information or guidance please see: or contact is via PSP.


Please can we use this opportunity to remind trusts’ Medical Education colleagues to work with their Medical Staffing teams to regularly check foundation doctors’ posts on TiS, against internal records. Early recognition of any discrepancies can help us all to resolve issues quickly. Thanks.

REMINDER: What are the 2022-23 TAB (Team Assessment of Behaviour) window dates for London and KSS Foundation Schools?

The recommended dates for the remaining TAB rounds are detailed below but these dates are not mandatory. More information on the TAB process can be found on the Horus Website.

Placement 3

Opens: Thursday 20th April 2023

Closes: Monday 15th May 2023

REMINDER: Contacting the London and KSS Foundation Schools

There has recently been an increase in emails/messages being sent to personal inboxes. Please be reminded that contact with the Foundation Team in HET should be through the PGMDE Support Portal rather than to individuals email addresses or shared mailboxes. This will ensure that your query can be directed to the correct person within the team and dealt with as quickly as possible. Please click here to be directed to the PGMDE Support Portal.

Please do not use,, or personal HEE email addresses.

GUIDANCE: Foundation Doctors taking Parental Leave

Please can all foundation doctors who will be taking a period of Parental Leave, ensure that they use the following FAQ as guidance:

HEE Parental Leave FAQ's

Please also see the NHS employers Maternity guidance using the link below:

NHS Employers Maternity Guidance (rotational doctors and dentists)

GUIDANCE: Less Than Full Time (LTFT) Training for London and KSS

Please click the link below for guidance regarding Less Than Full Time (LTFT) training.

LTFT Guidance         

GUIDANCE: Foundation doctors in GP and psychiatry placements contributing to acute services

Please see below link for guidance regarding Foundation doctors in community placements contributing to acute services Foundation doctors in GP and psychiatry placements contributing to acute services

GUIDANCE: Foundation Doctor Role and Responsibilities

Please use the following link to the updated ‘Foundation Doctor Role and Responsibilities within the Local Education Provider and Minimum Requirements for Clinical Supervision of Foundation Doctors’, document.

Foundation Doctor Role and Responsibilities

GUIDANCE: Foundation guidance produced by the UKFPO for Foundation Doctors

Please find below link to guidance for Foundation Doctors recently produced by the UKFPO.

Click here for guidance

*Please note: This guidance does not apply to any foundation doctor who started either their F1 or F2 year on/after 4 August 2021, as they will be on the 2021 Foundation Programme curriculum. *

GUIDANCE: NHS employers’ guidance on induction for international medical graduates

Please find below link to guidance from NHS employers

UKFPO Bulletin

To read the latest UKFPO Bulletin access through this link:

Courses, Events, Research and Competitions

CV Review Service (Winter/Spring 2023)

Is your Clinical CV up to date? Would you like support in creating, updating or tailoring your CV? 

The Careers Unit is launching a CV checking service from end of January 2023. You can book a 30 minute online appointment with a HEE careers adviser to get advice on any aspect of your CV including;

  • Planning your CV layout and presentation 
  • Articulating your experience to reflect your skills and strengths 
  • Reviewing an existing CV for clinical applications e.g. specialty, ACF, fellowship, sub-specialty or consultant applications
  • Adapting an existing CV or creating a new one for portfolio or non-clinical roles


A requirement of accessing the service is that you are a doctor/ dentist and that:

Bookable slots are available on Thursday afternoons between 12.30pm and 2.30pm starting Thursday Jan 26th 2023, on a first come first served basis.

Fee: £0

To book your place, please Book here

Kind Regards

The Careers Team

Professional Development Team

London and Kent, Surrey & Sussex 

National QI and Patient Safety Poster Competition 2023: 17th May 2023 (online)

See poster competition details and online entry form here:          

We have up to 160 poster places at our online conference. Successful entries receive:

- An invitation to give a live oral poster presentation* at a national conference on 17th May 2023 (poster entry deadline 3 March 2023)

- A discounted delegate rate of £169 (no VAT). Co-authors will also qualify for the discounted rate.

- A national poster competition presentation certificate with names of presenter(s) and authors

- There will be a first prize and runner up for each themed poster group

* 2-minute oral presentation followed by judge-led Q&A

Contact for more information

National SFP Conference – Saturday 17th of June 2023, Save the date!

Are you a:

Student looking to apply to the specialised foundation programme (SFP)?

An incoming SFP doctor?

A current SFP doctor looking to forward your academic career?

We have the conference for you!

Come to St James Park in Newcastle Upon Tyne on the 17th of June for the National SFP conference. Here we will have a range of workshops and lectures which will discuss applying for the SFP and ACF programmes, how to get the most out of your SFP and how to develop research skills. You will also be able to present your own work in oral and poster presentations.

Keep a look-out for social media posts to follow!

UKFPO Team  

V-Space groups for SuppoRTT Trainees 

The V-Space Coaching and Support Programme is a series of four group coaching and peer support sessions. The small groups meet online for 2.5 hours every fortnight and are led by a senior group coach from the Professional Support Unit’s Coaching Service. V-Space offers a supportive, confidential and structured learning environment for peer discussion. Each session draws on a range of practical coaching tools for self-reflection, goal-setting, enhanced confidence, stress management and leadership communication. 

V-Space features:

  • Semi-structured facilitated group coaching sessions
  • Guest speaker slots ‘in conversation with’ trainees who share their experience of returning to training
  • Peer support in small breakout room discussions plus WhatsApp group for connecting with peers in between sessions
  • Coaching tools & resources to support you as you move back into training.

You can book by using the links below:

Group 10 - Starts 9th February 2023 -

Group 11 - Starts 10th February 2023 -

Access the point of care tool BMJ Best Practice for free

BMJ Best Practice takes you quickly and accurately to the latest evidence-based information, whenever and wherever you need it.

Our step-by-step guidance on diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention is updated daily using robust evidence-based methodologies. 

This tool is freely available to all healthcare professionals who work for the NHS in England. You can register for free here

If your institution would like to receive further information on BMJ Best Practice, please contact Dr. Kieran Walsh, Clinical Director at BMJ. Dr. Walsh can deliver talks for Foundation Programme doctors at their training sessions or provide information on areas such as the local HEE/BMJ clinical champion scheme. Contact Dr. Kieran Walsh at  

New video resource for foundation doctors

A new video for all foundation, foundation schools and trusts, helping them to understand more about the Foundation Programme Charter, has been shared.

Please click here to launch the Foundation Programme Charter video.

Further videos including Foundation Programme Review and Self Development time can also be found here

NHS Induction Programme for International Medical Graduates - e-learning for health

The National Induction programme has been designed to ensure that all international medical graduates (IMGs) recruited to the NHS are welcomed, valued, and supported as they transition to UK clinical practice.

Please use the following link to access the programme

Foundation Careers Unit

Careers Conversation

All foundation trainees have the opportunity to have an individual careers conversation with one of our career coaches which can be arranged by completing the application form at the following link:

FY2 - Preparing for Speciality interviews/F3 Options Stream Videos

Please see below links to the recent webinar recordings delivered to F2 trainees on preparing for speciality applications/interview & F3 options

FY2 Webinar - Preparing for Specialty applications and Interviews-20220914_180522-Meeting Recording.mp4

F3 Options Webinar-20221006_180437-Meeting Recording.mp4

Self Awareness | London (

Career Exploration | London (

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