Wednesday 26th July 2023

New Updates

**Highly Important**Provisionally registered doctors (foundation year one/F1) must not undertake formal locum posts or activities.

Provisionally registered doctors can undertake occasional ad hoc additional/overtime shifts on their current FY1 placement or previous FY1 placements that have formed part of their F1 rotation, where such work is undertaken only within the limits of their current competence and with the support of their educational supervisor. When undertaking such occasional ad hoc additional/overtime work provisionally registered doctors should be clear with other members of their team about their current experience and level of competence.

PSA Sittings 2023/24

Please note the dates for all PSA sittings (all held at 1pm):

Tuesday 12 September 2023

Tuesday 12 March 2024

Tuesday 23 April 2024

**Highly Important** ARCP

Foundation doctors must sign their ARCP on Horus.

This does not constitute you accept the outcome or affect your ability to appeal but shows you acknowledge receipt of the outcome.

Furthermore, for Outcome 1 this is a requirement for the school to process the F1CC which is required for the move to Full licence to practice. For Outcome 6 we cannot release your FPCCs without foundation year 2 doctors signing their outcome.

**Highly Important**GMC Full Registration Process 2023

To start the second year of the Foundation Programme (F2) you need to apply for full registration with a licence to practice with the GMC. You should submit your application as early as possible to make sure you have the correct registration in time to start your F2 post. 

Non UK and UK Graduates: Please click here for further guidance from the GMC

UK graduates should follow instructions sent by the GMC which will be sent 12 and 8 weeks ahead of F2.

AFP Project – Life as a foundation doctor - Survey

As part of an ongoing project for my AFP, I am looking into life as a Foundation Year Doctor.  We have created a short survey with the aim to explore your thoughts on aspects of FY1&2 such as job satisfaction, daily work routine and future career plans.

We have kept the survey brief; it should take no longer than 5/6 minutes to complete.

It is totally anonymous, and all questions are multiple choice.

Here is the survey; Thank you very much, we hope you enjoy completing it, every response is really appreciated!  

Best wishes,


F2 at Salford Hospital in Manchester

Reminders & Guidance

REMINDER: Time Out of Training (TOOT) following ARCP

Please can we ask trust colleagues to inform us immediately should a Foundation Doctor have further sickness or industrial action absences, which take place after their ARCP, that will increase their TOOT over the 20 day trigger threshold.

As always, please contact us via the PGMDE Portal:

REMINDER: Time Out of Training (TOOT) days on Form R

With upcoming ARCPs, Foundation doctors (FD) are advised to complete their Form R with as much detail as possible.

In particular, we request that FDs clearly highlight the reason(s) for any TOOT days.

Please make it clear how many days are due to sick leave, how many days relate to industrial action and/or ‘other’ – please specify.

We would also like to remind all FDs and trainers that the maximum permitted absence from training, other than annual leave, is 20 days within each 12 month period of the foundation programme. Where a doctors absence goes above 20 days this will trigger a review of whether they need to have an extra period of training.

REMINDER: 2023 Shadowing Confirmation

All FY1 doctors should attend a minimum of 4 days induction, including 2 days shadowing, 1 week before their formal training starts on Wednesday 2nd August. Funding for this is paid to trusts as part of the placement fee.

FY1 doctors who did not graduate from a UK Medical School (International Medical Graduates, IMGs) or who graduated and then been out of the NHS for longer than 2 years, should also be offered extended induction/shadowing. Up to an additional £1300 per FY1 doctor will be available to trusts to fund this extended shadowing (to a maximum of 10 days). We will provide trusts with a spreadsheet to record extended shadowing for their IMG FY1’s and UK medical graduates out of the NHS for two years, to be able to claim this money. This will be sent to trusts in August.

REMINDER: F2 Responsible Officer Detail

FY2 doctors are responsible to ensure they are connected to the correct Responsible Officer, this is usually your Post Graduate Dean. For more information or guidance please see: or contact us via PSP.


Please can we use this opportunity to remind Medical Education colleagues in Trusts to work with their Medical Staffing teams to regularly check Foundation Doctors’ posts on TiS, against internal records. Early recognition of any discrepancies can help us all to resolve issues quickly. Thanks.

REMINDER: Contacting the London and KSS Foundation Schools

There continues to be an increase in emails/messages being sent to personal inboxes. Please be reminded that contact with the Foundation School Team should be through the PGMDE Support Portal, rather than to individuals email addresses or shared mailboxes. This will ensure that your query can be directed to the correct person within the team and dealt with as quickly as possible. Please click here to be directed to the PGMDE Support Portal.

Please do not use,, or personal HEE email addresses.

GUIDANCE: Foundation Doctors taking Parental Leave

Please can all foundation doctors who will be taking a period of Parental Leave, ensure that they use the following FAQ as guidance:

HEE Parental Leave FAQ's

Please also see the NHS employers Maternity guidance using the link below:

NHS Employers Maternity Guidance (rotational doctors and dentists)

GUIDANCE: Less Than Full Time (LTFT) Training for London and KSS

Please click the link below for guidance regarding Less Than Full Time (LTFT) training.

LTFT Guidance         

GUIDANCE: Foundation doctors in GP and psychiatry placements contributing to acute services

Please see below link for guidance regarding Foundation doctors in community placements contributing to acute services Foundation doctors in GP and psychiatry placements contributing to acute services

GUIDANCE: Foundation Doctor Role and Responsibilities

Please use the following link to the updated ‘Foundation Doctor Role and Responsibilities within the Local Education Provider and Minimum Requirements for Clinical Supervision of Foundation Doctors’, document.

Foundation Doctor Role and Responsibilities

GUIDANCE: Foundation guidance produced by the UKFPO for Foundation Doctors

Please find below link to guidance for Foundation Doctors recently produced by the UKFPO.

Click here for guidance

*Please note: This guidance does not apply to any foundation doctor who started either their F1 or F2 year on/after 4 August 2021, as they will be on the 2021 Foundation Programme curriculum. *

GUIDANCE: NHS employers’ guidance on induction for international medical graduates

Please find below link to guidance from NHS employers

UKFPO Bulletin

To read the latest UKFPO Bulletin access the link below:           

Courses, Events, Research and Competitions

The Peter Fisher Essay Prize 2023 (closing date for submissions 31st July 2023)

On behalf of Professor Jo Szram, KSS Postgraduate Dean to HoS and CTAG

We are repeating the Essay Prize this year again with £700 prize money in association with the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine who again have offered to consider publishing the winning entry. The title this year is: Is the 1948 model of access to free healthcare still appropriate today?  We seldom hear Trainees’ views expressed in essay form on topics such as this. It is instructive for us and we hope for the trainees as well.

Please see the link below for further details are on our website:

Doctors for the NHS (DFNHS) is a non-political organisation which originated in 1976 as the NHS Consultants Association. We believe that the NHS should be based on service and cooperation, not market forces or competition, and that it should be professionally led. Within our 550 members are doctors from all disciplines, including doctors in training. Further details are available on

Access the point of care tool BMJ Best Practice for free

BMJ Best Practice takes you quickly and accurately to the latest evidence-based information, whenever and wherever you need it.

Our step-by-step guidance on diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention is updated daily using robust evidence-based methodologies. 

This tool is freely available to all healthcare professionals who work for the NHS in England. You can register for free here

If your institution would like to receive further information on BMJ Best Practice, please contact Dr. Kieran Walsh, Clinical Director at BMJ. Dr. Walsh can deliver talks for Foundation Programme doctors at their training sessions or provide information on areas such as the local HEE/BMJ clinical champion scheme. Contact Dr. Kieran Walsh at  

New video resource for foundation doctors

A new video for all foundation, foundation schools and trusts, helping them to understand more about the Foundation Programme Charter, has been shared.

Please click here to launch the Foundation Programme Charter video.

Further videos including Foundation Programme Review and Self Development time can also be found here

NHS Induction Programme for International Medical Graduates - e-learning for health

The National Induction programme has been designed to ensure that all international medical graduates (IMGs) recruited to the NHS are welcomed, valued, and supported as they transition to UK clinical practice.

Please use the following link to access the programme

Foundation Careers & Coaching Events Team

Careers Conversation

All foundation trainees have the opportunity to have an individual careers conversation with one of our career coaches which can be arranged by completing the application form at the following link:

FY2 - Preparing for Speciality interviews/F3 Options Stream Videos

Please see below links to the recent webinar recordings delivered to F2 trainees on preparing for speciality applications/interview & F3 options

FY2 Webinar - Preparing for Specialty applications and Interviews-20220914_180522-Meeting Recording.mp4

F3 Options Webinar-20221006_180437-Meeting Recording.mp4

Self Awareness | London (

Career Exploration | London (

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