London Foundation School Staff Structure

Dr Alice Carter - Associate Dean, London Foundation School Director
Dr Celia Bielawski - Deputy Director (North Central London)
Dr Nick Rollitt - Deputy Director (North East London)
Dr Fionnuala Crummy - Deputy Director (North West London)
Dr Channa Jayasena - Academic Lead (North London)
Dr Amelia Hughes - Deputy Director (South East London)
Dr Mark Cottee - Deputy Director (South West London)
Dr Claire Mallinson - Academic Lead (South London)

The London Foundation Team

Mark Bellaera - Service Delivery Manager
Simon Rosan - Operations Manager & Foundation School Manager
Tarek Hussain - Officer (North Central & East London trusts)
Andrew Goodhand - Officer (North West London trusts)
Adeola Teluwo - Officer (South London trusts)
Tencho Pavlov - Senior Administrator
David Jarvis - Administrator
Launa Broadley - Administrator
Molly Norton-Bragg - Administrator
Paige Arnold - Administrator

Contact Details

NHS England
Workforce, Training and Education
10 South Colonnade,
Canary Wharf,
E14 4PU
Telephone: 020 7866 3216
Trust and Foundation doctor enquiries need to be submitted via the London and South East PGMDE Support Portal (PSP):