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What is a Foundation School?

Foundation training is a two year programme acting as the bridge between undergraduate medical education and further training to become a general practitioner or specialist. Foundation schools oversee the training of the foundation doctors in that school. They bring together local medical schools, Local Education and Training Boards, trusts and other organisations involved in training doctors.

Health Education Team

The 3 London and KSS Foundation Schools (North Central & East London Foundation School, North West London Foundation School and South Thames Foundation School) are managed by the Health Education Team at Stewart House, London.

Health Education England
Stewart House
32 Russell Square

Telephone: 020 7866 3216

Trust and Trainee enquiries need to be submitted via the London and South East PGMDE Support Portal (PSP).


The Foundation Team

Ms Lucy Wylde-Wise - Service Delivery Manager
Mr Stuart Morris - Senior Officer

Ms Alice Frenken - Officer - Focusing on North London Trusts
Mr Ralph De Ley - Officer - Focusing on KSS Trusts
Mr Richard Geddes - Officer - Focusing on South London Trusts

Mr Andrew Goodhand - Senior Administrator

Mr David Jarvis - Administrator
Ms Molly Norton-Bragg - Administrator
Ms Paige Arnold - Administrator
Ms Hannah Bailey-Moses - Administrator